Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Battle of Flowers Parade ...

... is always fun. And you're sure to see some strange things along the way. The Express-News provides a blow-by-blow account of yesterday's parade here.

Just one excerpt:
It's a Fiesta nightmare come true: King Rey Feo's float breaks down at Main and Commerce. A marching band squishes up behind it, marking time while police officers investigate. "Looks like it went down," Rey Feo says. "Just my luck for an ugly king." The float is kaput. Officers start pushing it down a side street. "We're walking!" Rey Feo yells, and his royal court dismounts onto the pavement. A woman wearing a fuchsia gown, a tiara and 3-inch heels complains she wasn't expecting to walk today. "But it's OK," she says, smiling, just like a queen would.

Ah, Fiesta time.

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