Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Police: Repeat Drunken Driving Suspect Slipped Out Of Ankle Monitor"

But, but she was home the whole time! She never left! How could she have been out drinking?
SAN ANTONIO -- A Northside woman accused of drinking and driving while she was supposed to be under house arrest may be the first person in Bexar County history to find a way around an ankle monitoring system, a county official said.

A San Antonio police officer arrested Stephanie Cerda, 25, early Saturday after she led him on a low speed chase from Loop 1604 & Blanco Road to her home on Hardy Oak Road.


At the time, Cerda was supposed to be under full house arrest and hooked up to a GPS monitoring system.


Mike Lozito, with Bexar County Pretrial Services, said this past weekend, it appears Cerda was able to slip off her ankle monitor, making it appear as if she was at home and complying with the court order.

"It appeared to be that she had put lotion on here and stretched the device," Lozito said. "We've never had that kind of thing happen before."

Lozito said his department is consulting with the monitor's manufacturer to make sure his officers are installing them properly.
(from KSAT-12)

OK, boys, let's make sure she keeps this thing on and really stays home. No pliers, no wire cutters, no tin snips, no paper clips, and definitely, definitely no lotion!

(KY's OK, though. We can't be cruel and unusual now, can we?)

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Charlene said...

That's funny, but I don't think this is the first time someone slipped their court mandated monitor. It's become part of crime fiction already, though I have no clue how it's accomplished.