Thursday, June 23, 2011

Historical blabbery at the Alamo

It's always good to hear some news about the Alamo, some new understanding of the history of the place that no one was aware of before. But it's bad to hear about it this way.
On Thursday The Daughters of the Republic of Texas announce[d] a historic discovery inside the Alamo Shrine.

While conservation crews were working they found writing carved into a wall: "1802"[,] the letters "WVA"[,] and the number "54".
The writing was on the window seal just above the main doors of the shrine.

Pam Rosser who is the Alamo Conservator says "this discovery is important because it opens up a whole other chapter of the Alamo that hasn't really been researched. There was a time in Texas were the French was moving in the Spanish was her but not as prominent." [emphasis added]
(from WOAI-TV)



Dave said...

Outsourcing? No, people in India wouldn't make that series of errors.

Editor took a day off?

mick said...

Nice catch. They have since changed it to say: "There was a time in Texas were the French (were) moving in. Spain was here but not as prominent."

I still don't see what that has to do with anything. The very next line is "Researchers are not sure if the date or letters have any meaning, but they are excited about this new discovery." They are SO excited that they are speaking in non-sequiturs and sentence fragments.

Sabra said...

There was a time in Texas were the French (were) moving in.

I love how even the correction is wrong.

This makes me think the same person must be in charge of updating both sections of the website. These screw-ups occur far too regularly for it to be explained away as typos.