Friday, June 17, 2011

"Suspected rapist accused of using pit bull to threaten woman"

There's all kinds of weird going on here.
The woman told investigators she met 30-year-old Alex Martinez at a night club a few weeks ago. She said she picked up Martinez at his home on Wednesday, and they went to a club to have a couple of drinks and to get something to eat afterward. After returning to Martinez's apartment, the woman said he refused to let her leave and then sexually assaulted her. She said when she tried to put her clothing back on, he told her to take her pants back off and then opened the back door and threatened to let his pit bull dog inside. She said he attempted to have sex with her a second time but could not.

The woman told officers she stayed with Martinez out of fear but was able to leave in the morning after telling him she was going to get something to eat.
(from WOAI-TV)

This is just an allegation, of course, and the man says the sex was consensual. But the pit bull part really puts a strange spin on the case. It makes one wonder ---- Can a dog be seized as evidence?

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