Monday, May 30, 2011

Remnants of the past

It's not that unusual to see some old building in the middle of downtown San Antonio, even one that has no particular historical significance. Though you're sure there is some history attached to the structure, it's obvious that it is not significant enough to warrant an actual restoration or refurbishment of said structure.

But then you look closer, and then you suddenly find yourself wanting to know more of that history. Wanting to know some of it.

Please, just a little bit of history. Or at least a little story.


Sabra said...

What street is that on? It looks like I have walked past it hundreds of times. Is it on Commerce?

Albatross said...

Yes, it's on Commerce, just west of St. Mary's and next to the Esquire.

Sabra said...

Thought so. I walk past it a lot, but I don't have any knowledge of it.