Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not revealing the identity

This is a sad story, and it is weird all on its own.
SAN ANTONIO -- A 6-year-old girl was found dead inside a large microwave in her family's backyard Saturday night, police said.

Police said the girl was reported missing shortly before 7 p.m., and discovered at about 10 p.m. in what officers described as a large, old-fashioned microwave. Her death is currently being treated as an accidental sudden death.
(from KSAT-12)

But what is really strange is that simultaneous with saying that officials have chosen to withhold the girl's name ...

... KSAT decides to lead to this story from its home page with a full-on image of the child. [The blurring below is mine. KSAT did nothing to disguise the image.]

Is it sweeps month, yet?


Anonymous said...

But they HAVEN'T released the name of the child that was found dead inside the microwave.

Dave said...

I'm just going to assume that the child did not accidentally climb in, shut the door and turn the thing on (from the inside), right? I just can't imagine a microwave, even an old one being big enough to fit a 6 year old. Sad.

Albatross said...

@Anonymous - No, they haven't. But if the authorities are withholding the name for sensitivity reasons, KSAT has undone that effort by publishing a photograph of the child for anyone who knows her and logs on to the website to recognize her. Unless that photograph was not the girl that died. Which would just be weird, if true.

@Dave - From what I can gather from such a short news story, it seems that microwave was an old piece of junk being stored in the yard. If so, I'm not sure how or why she ended up inside.

Dave said...

Last night, KENS-5 gave the name of the child and reported that the microwave was some sort of industrial thing. You'd think there might be a the same sort of city code issue for that that you have with non-functioning refrigerators stored in a yard; door removed or blocked open.

Fowl Ideas said...

I'm not suspicious.

It's pretty common to equate the ability to reproduce with the ability to parent.

Big mistake.