Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Car crashes into house

Well, it was a storage shed, really. But it happened at an apartment complex!
Police arrested [Christopher] Marin at the Villas at Costa Brava apartments in the 7300 block of Potranco Road, some time after 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Neighbors told police they saw Marin get behind the wheel and ram his SUV into a small building in the front of the complex that acts as a storage shed for the maintenance staff. A worker at the complex Wednesday morning said everything inside the shed, including golf carts and several 5-gallon cans of paint, had been destroyed.

Priscilla Medina, 6, was outside with her family when the chaos unfolded, starting with a loud fight at the apartment next door. Medina said she saw a man who was visiting the residents break a window, then jump behind the wheel of an SUV and slam into the building wall.

"He was driving crazy then went straight and hit it," Medina said. "Then he started walking toward the bus stop."
(from KSAT-12)

Of course he was headed for the bus stop. He obviously didn't have a working vehicle after the incident.

BONUS STRANGENESS: The fact that a news outlet would interview a six-year-old kid for a story about a serious and potentially dangerous course of action and then use the kid's quote to illustrate the story.

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