Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone who should have thought a little more ...

... before hitting that SEND button. A whole freakin' heckuva lot more.
An administrator at St. Philip's College is under investigation based on a professor's complaint that she sent hundreds of sexually explicit and racially offensive emails to a handful of employees over the past six years.

Warren Parker, a radiography instructor, claims his boss, program director Donna Laird, sent at least 400 emails from her work account featuring semi-nude women, animals having sex or masturbating, foul language and jokes stereotyping men, women, rednecks and people of all races.

Parker is speaking out now because he believes his bid for tenure is in jeopardy.

He provided the San Antonio Express-News with a sample of about 100 emails he had saved.

When asked about Parker's complaint regarding the emails, Retha Karnes, a lawyer for the Alamo Colleges, said an investigation into the matter is ongoing. She declined to comment further. Laird did not return a phone call and an email sent to her work account seeking comment.
(from the Express-News)

Warren Parker, the offended one, is a black man.

Donna Laird, the offending one, is a white woman. And she's his boss.

Alamo Colleges is the local taxpayer-funded community college district.

St. Philip's College, one of the Alamo Colleges, is a historically black college. It is on the East Side. The East Side is traditionally black.

This is an example of the things Laird was sending: "The emails include a musical slide show featuring scantily clad vaginas, pictures mocking young blacks dressed up for prom as “ghetto,” a woman simulating oral sex on the stick shift of a car, a young man lighting a bottle rocket stuck in his rectum and a satirical exercise program to hire black men to pose as muggers and chase white women."


Just, wow.

Who in their right mind would ever think such things are OK to send via e-mail on a work computer? Especially one that is owned by a taxpayer-funded district?

Folks, be careful what you forward. And remember, government records are open records, at least in Texas. And what you send today can appear in the news tomorrow.


Dave said...

scantily clad vaginas.

I'm not sure I'm familiar with that. Were the rest of the bodies the vaginas were attached to clothed properly?

In spite of the fact that the woman should be fired for being so stupid, it pisses me off that the guy complaining is only now complaining when he can use it as leverage. If these types of e-mails were offensive (and given the description, I think I have seen most of them minus the scantily clad vaginas), they should be offensive from the first time one is received.

People, quit sending these types of e-mails from your work e-mail account. Have we learned nothing from that poor HB Zachary executive who lost his job and was pushed over the edge as a result of a seemingly innocent non-work related e-mail to his district council rep?

Albatross said...

People, quit sending these types of e-mails from your work e-mail account.

Best advice of all. Sometimes we need a bright, clear separation between work and home.

Charlene said...

That is good advice!

In Louisville in recent years cops, teachers, social workers, concilmen, city department managers, dog pound workers, it goes on and on have sent porn, including in some cases child porn, from their employer's [public] computers and cellphones.

If this is due to ignorance, then it's stupid.

Alan Lipscomb said...

It's funny how Mr.Parker used to read those emails to his students, laughing at all of them. Now this doesn't justify the sending of these emails, but Parker was a part of all of it and is seeking monetary retribution for not recieving tenure. I hope the defending lawyers seek the students out as they are witnesses to Parker's involvement.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who were to see the emails who be horrified. Anyone who knew the climate at the collge and understood what happens to folks who report or complain would be horrified and had better start looking for a job.