Monday, May 23, 2011

Snake oil -- now in pod form

Hey, look who got KSAT to do their advertising for them.
The device works like a sauna. Light emitting diodes -- or LED lights -- inside the pod raise your core body temperature. Users often use special creams and wear special suits to make it even hotter.

Cyntha Gans, owner of Planet Beach Contempo Spa, said the temperature starts at about 158 degrees and goes to about 180 degrees.

"The SlimLine capsule actually is a machine that tricks your body into thinking that it's working out," she said.


She also said the benefits go beyond weight loss. She said LED lighting helps combat the effects of aging on the skin and also has therapeutic benefits.

"I have some clients over the age of 50 that have osteoarthritis, and I myself had a torn meniscus and started getting into the machine and after two months, I'm back on the roads running again without any kind of surgery or therapy, except for using the Slim Capsule," she said.


Right now, Planet Beach is the only place in town with the SlimLine Capsule. Memberships cost about $80 a month and include use of various spa treatment devices and services.
(from KSAT-12)

Weight problems (with no need to exercise!), wrinkles, arthritis, torn cartilage -- it seems there's nothing this little capsule can't fix! I don't know why I'm not going down to Planet Beach right now to plop down $80 a month for this privilege!

Oh, wait -- there's this: "... the temperature starts at about 158 degrees and goes to about 180 degrees."

Isn't that -- isn't that above the temperature required for dishwasher sanitizing cycles? You know, to kill all the germs?

Hmmm. Maybe I'll save my 80 bucks a month for something else.


Charlene said...

WOW I'd say the least you should consider is protecting your head, you know your brain, from that heat and maybe your reproductive organs, if you're not finished with them.

I'd say that you'd at a minimum be Mucking nutz.

Dave said...

I wonder, does the $80 include a room at the BAMC Burn unit!

I think I saw an infomercial with the same little flashing light thing. Three easy payments of $19.99 was all you needed to start your own spa, I suppose.

Anonymous said...
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