Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Yuchnitz Charged With Solicitation To Commit Capital Murder"

Say it ain't so!
Mike Yuchnitz, the owner and pitch man for My Econo $39.95 Optical was arrested Saturday night and charged with solicitation to commit capital murder.

San Antonio Police Department officials said Yuchnitz attempted to pay someone a $5,000 down payment to hire another person to kill his wife.

If you've lived -- and watched TV -- in the San Antonio area for the past couple of decades, you've probably seen Mike Yuchnitz. Remember him? He was the guy who started his eyeglasses business and then began a series of constant advertisements featuring himself. At first, Yuchnitz was kind of fat, and he wore a white lab coat in his ads as he extolled the virtues of cheap spectacles. He seemed like an honest-to-goodness optician, and he always made sure to include "Retired USAF" on his titles bars in the commercials.

And then later he dropped some pounds, and he took to wearing colorful Nehru jackets and fedoras. But his eyeglasses were still $39.95, and he still promoted them eagerly on television. Eventually his son opened up some tattoo parlors, and there were even some locations in town that combined the My Econo $39.95 Optical with the tattoo shop under one roof. It was a unique and thoroughly strange partnership, but it was one that seemed to work for the Yuchnitzes.

It doesn't seem to be working so well now, though.


Dave said...

Say it ain't so is exactly what came to mind when my wife told me about this last night.

As strange as this guy has become over the last few years, I have always thought very fondly of him and the genuine help he gave me and my family as a young NCO trying to make ends meet with two kids who both seemed to break their glasses.

The first time I visited his shop on Military at 90 was when my daughter had broken the glasses that I paid way over $200 for at one of the glasses places in the mall. He did not have the same frames to fit that lenses, but instead of forcing me to go through the whole process of buying a new set, he was able to cut her lenses to fit a frame he did have. My total cost was closer to $12.00 than $200 or even $39.95.

My next time in his shop was to fix my glasses and instead of selling me a pair, he fixed mine for no charge. I asked him about his business model of doing refusing to sell me anything and he said that if he took care of his customers, when it was time to buy glasses, they would come back to him.

And we have done just that since the early 1990's.

And my wife has gotten both her tattoo's from his son's shop.

I sure hope this was a "misunderstanding."

Albatross said...

He sounds like a nice guy and a shrewd businessman. Maybe it is a misunderstanding, but we won't know details for a while, yet. It's still early in the game.