Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stripping in shorts and bikini tops

That's what your strippers will be doing, if you decide to open up your strip-club in the wrong place. And if one San Antonio City Councilman has his way.
[District 6 Councilman Ray] Lopez said there are too many loopholes in the current laws and they need to be closed. His biggest concern is that adult businesses may open inside the zoning boundaries of schools and churches.

"We cannot allow ordinances to allow that to happen, even if they are just loopholes," said Lopez.

He said the main problem is that businesses will open claiming they are not sexually-oriented because their performers are covered using pasties.

"Our position is: That still constitutes as nude, " Lopez said.

According to Lopez, that fact puts them in violation. In order to cover the loophole, Lopez said he wants performers to be even more covered.

"What the new ordinance is basically requiring is for the (performers) to wear bikini tops," Lopez said. He added that the performers will also be required to wear something more like shorts.
(from KSAT-12)

Girls in shorts with bikini tops. Sounds sexy, but it's not exactly what you'd expect from any self-respecting gentlemen's club. But, hey, that only happens if you open your club in the wrong zone, Lopez says. You'll be fine if you open your business in the right area, so don't worry.

Until City Council gets around to doing some rezoning, that is.


Sabra said...

Hand to God, I want to start slapping City Council every time something like this comes up. And I don't like strip clubs. I think they're exploitative at best.

But we've got more important stuff to worry about in this city than whether some gal is shaking mostly-nekkid titties in some random dude's face. And, well, we always will. And someone seriously needs to send Ray Lopez a dictionary.

(As a side note, KTSA's news guy accidentally said "pastries" instead of "pasties" yesterday evening. Made my day.)

Dave said...

I'm a fan of Ray Lopez (voted for him in my district and have met him numerous times and worked on a few committees at his request), but this kind of thing drives me nuts.

He has no problem supporting more and more Cash Express type places in our neighborhood but heaven forbid someone wants to see a boob or two.