Monday, May 19, 2008

Recycling hate

Someone put this on my windshield today.

Normally I would toss such anti-Catholic, world-conspiracy nonsense into the nearest trash can where it belongs, but then something on the masthead caught my eye.

Yep, that crap is recycled. A conspiracy tract from 2003 is still being circulated as news today. I found that a little strange.


Kels said...

lol You've got a good eye if you could pinpoint that!

AlanDP said...

Some people have all the luck. I love getting my hands on things like that with such a high weirdness quotient.

I would guess that their budget is somewhat limited, so they have to use what they got.

And Tony Alamo looks like Hank Williams, Jr.! Pretty cool. Very strange pose, however, that makes it look like the Bonos are kind of fawning over him. Yeesh.

Albatross said...

I have to admit, the picture of the Bonos is actually what pulled my attention to the publication first. Who could pass up reading about Sonny Bono wearing one of Tony Alamo's jackets? You know, the ones worn by movie stars, sports figures, presidents, kings, queens, etc., etc.