Friday, May 16, 2008

"Bikini Car Wash Reopens"

KSAT-12 reports that the prigs have suffered a setback.

SAN ANTONIO -- One week after it was closed for code violations, the Bikini Car Wash reopened for business Friday.

The car wash, which is located at the intersection of South Flores and Southcross, had been open for only four days before city officials found problems with the drainage and ordered it closed.

But the owner, Ricardo Arsate, said that he made all the necessary improvements and the city reissued his certificate of occupancy.

Now, can we focus on taggers?


Anonymous said...

Now, if my daughter was doing THIS for gas money, I would have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog about Bikini car wash.

Anonymous said...

I think the city needs to worry more about prostitution on the south and west side than car wash with girls in bikini's. The same people that complain are the one's that let their kids do school car wash fundraisers at different business around the city in skimpy outfits. "think about it"

Anonymous said...
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