Friday, March 21, 2008

Hooters truck

I know, I know, I know -- I have to start taking my camera with me more often when I venture out. Today would have been a perfect Strange in San Antonio moment.

Here's what I saw: a pick-up truck with the side of the bed plastered with Hooters bumper stickers.

I can understand a vehicle used for advertising (I've seen those cars with ad wraps driving the road), but this was no professional job. It looked like some guy just got hold of some stickers from Hooters and decided to put them all over the side of his truck. It was kind of funny-looking, and definitely strange.

And I didn't have my camera with me.

Oh well, I hope my description has been clear enough so you can imagine what I saw. And, if you are out and about, and you happen to see the truck I was talking about (and you have your camera handy), see if you can snap a few pictures.


Dave said...

Gimmie an intersection to work with. This could be a weekend worth of fun just looking for the guy.

And always, ALWAYS keep a camera with you!

Albatross said...

I saw the truck in the vicinity of Fredericksburg Road and USAA Boulevard, right near the entrance to USAA.

Happy hunting!

AlanDP said...

I once saw a Mary Kay truck, as in a full-sized 18-wheeler with a sleeper cab tractor and 53-foot trailer. The whole thing was Mary Kay pink. Can you imagine a vehicle that big, solid pink? I didn't have a camera with me at the time, either, and have never seen another since.

Albatross said...

Pink?! A big rig that was pink? Wow. That would get your attention for sure.

Kels said...

I'll tell my friends to look for it!!! They work at USAA so they're always in that area... and they both have camera phones :)

ADD THIS ONE TO YOUR STRANGE IN SAN ANTONIO!!!!!! The other day I was out and about and went to Academy to look around... as I was walking in there was a man and a woman... in the foyer of Academy... sitting in chairs... reading books. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to go out to read a book... Academy is the LAST PLACE I'd think to go...!

Shorty said...

Maybe the truck driver gets a sticker every time they go to hooters? Every once in a while I see a van with skulls on the side panel, tied to the front grill and just lavished on the dashboard. I have gotten pictures of it, but I'm after it's story. I've seen it parked at Baptist Medical Center if anyone out there knows it's story let me in on it.