Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A person who should probably have thought things out more

If you work as an accountant for a company, it might not be a good idea to ride around in limousines.

From KSAT-12:

SAN ANTONIO -- Investigators seized most of the belongings Tuesday of a woman accused of embezzling millions from the company where she worked.

Yami Harper worked as an account specialist for Valley Building Specialists and authorities said she embezzles [sic] about $2.5 million from the company over the past six years.

"This is following a 7-month investigation of misappropriation of an employ," said Susan Reed, Bexar County's district attorney. "She was writing checks to individuals who had no business having checks written to them."

Neighbors said they had suspicions of their own, saying they often saw Harper being picked up and dropped off by a limo and taking frequent trips to Trinidad.

That's a lot of embezzling.


Kels said...

Wow... well, I guess she never watched the movie Office Space to know to how CORRECTLY attempt embezzling money from a company... ;-)

ron harper said...

Yami is my ex-wife, this is not like her, there is something or someone else that put her up to this, there is no way she acted alone. This sounds like a setup to me...there is someone else behind this!

Anonymous said...

I am one of Yami's friends.
Someone may have put her up to it but the choice was ultimately her's. She made a bad choice!
I can only hope she learns from it.
She is a good person at heart but in the 6 years I've known her she is also a compulsive liar.
I wonder if someone was behind her extravagance too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am also a very good friend to Yami and I think this was a set-up too. And as far as Ms Elise...you can't be much of a friend if you are on here bashing her. What kind of friend is that. I know what you are one of the many "friends" Yami need to get rid of.

And if you have any words back to me bring em.

Unknown said...

This a tough pill to swallow; I would have never thought Yami would be what I have just read. Wow, this is too much to digest. I have known her since 1998 from Hawaii to her relocating to San Antonio. She is loving and caring, always like to take care of individuals. Hang in their Yami, let me know if you need my help. Visit my site for contact info; www.fofitness.com