Thursday, February 07, 2008

More people angry at a strip club

This time the business is in Lytle.


KSAT-12 says "yes":

LYTLE, Texas -- About 20 miles southwest of San Antonio, residents of this small town are coming together to protest a new business opened to capitalize on the purient interests of Atascosa County.

The Cabaret Dance Club has opened just outside the city limits, which has prompted some in the commuity to protest the establishment, even if it falls outside the legal reach of the city limits.

Lytle currently has an ordinance against sexually oriented businesses, but the new club is located outside the city boundary, leaving protestors upset about the services and people associated with the business, but with little legal recourse.

Hmm, I wonder if any San Antonio City Council members are from Lytle, where -- at just under 2,400 residents -- everybody probably knows your name. Even the strippers.

UPDATE: Dave at Silver Creek 78250 -- ever handy with the camera -- has taken a picture of The Cabaret Dance Club, and you can see it at this post on his adventure southwest of San Antonio. You will not believe how incredibly small and unassuming this place is. It's little! Man, you get a few customers in there with just a couple of dancers and you run the risk of going over the fire marshal's occupancy limit! The best way for the protesters to shut this place down is to just all show up at the same time and demand a drink!


Kels said...

lol It IS rather funny... Perhaps you would know or can find out... a friend of mine from church recently pointed out a strip club within a block of our church. She said she remembered hearing about an annonymous call being made to our church office making us aware that such establishment was opening within the illegal radius of our little church. I've never heard of that sort of law, other than in regards to like elementary schools and such. Kinda makes me want to leave a note on their door saying, "I know what you did last summer..." well, not that per se... but an "I know something you don't want me to know" kind of letter... and leave it annonymously... ;-) I don't care that they have their establishment... I wouldn't personally go there (it's no La Mariposa!)... but at the same time, I am not for people doing things illegally. I should email my councilman. lol

Albatross said...

If you're in District 8, no problem! Diane Cibrian will get right on it.

Dave said...

It just so happens that I drove by the Cabaret today. It really is out of town. I mean, you really have to go out of your way to be offended by it. The fact that the Adult Video store next door is already there makes the whole complaint rather puzzling.