Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Substitute Charged With Terroristic Threat"

After the Virginia Tech murders, school officials are taking threats very seriously. Especially if they come from one of their own.

KSAT-TV reports:

SAN ANTONIO -- Police charged a former Northside ISD substitute teacher with making terroristic threats after they said he threatened to shoot several district employees Tuesday.

Police said they arrested Thomas Kincaid, 60, at his home after he threatened to shoot employees at the Northside human resources building on Grissom and employees at the administration building on Evers Road.

Pascual Gonzales, Northside ISD spokesman, said that after Monday's massacre on the Virginia Tech campus, they did not want to take any chances.

That's good, but I would have hoped that they weren't taking any chances before the Virginia Tech massacre as well.

UPDATE: The guy says he was just blowing off steam.

A Pipe Creek man arrested Tuesday on a terrorist threat charge admitted talking about shooting employees at Northside Independent School District, where he worked as a substitute teacher, but claimed he just was venting and had no intention of harming anyone, Bandera County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Scott Sharp said Wednesday.

I can think of better ways to vent.

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