Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Hardberger signs pact on greenhouse gases"

The mayor wants San Antonio to cut its emissions, as the Express-News reports:

Several years ago, Phil Hardberger the pilot used to fly his plane over San Antonio and marvel at the 30-mile clear visibility. On Saturday, Phil Hardberger the mayor blamed increasing air pollution for cutting that distance to about 5 miles now.

"As a personal pilot, I have seen this with my own eyes — how our air has gotten dirtier and dirtier. ... [sic] You really don't know how bad it is till you're up there and look down and you see this yellow cloud," he said. "It's what we used to associate with Los Angeles."

To show he's serious about climate protection, Hardberger on Saturday became the 465th mayor in the country to sign a document committing him to work to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in San Antonio. ...

Hardberger cited the resolution and several other city initiatives, saying San Antonio is getting serious about going green.

Last week, the city replaced 21 of its fleet cars with hybrid vehicles, bringing to 86 its total number of such environmentally friendly vehicles, he said.

Do personal planes come in hybrids, too?

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