Saturday, April 27, 2013

Raining on your parade

Parades ain't what they used to be.

Reports of several floats being kicked out of Friday's Battle of Flowers parade have been confirmed by KSAT 12.

SAPD booted the floats at the request of parade organizers-- including that of El Rey Feo's -- for throwing beads, medals and other souvenir items from the float to the people lining the Broadway parade route.

SAPD said parade organizers gave repeated warnings for those on the floats against throwing items off the floats.

(from KSAT-12)

When I was a kid, I remember almost every float in a parade threw candy to the kids. Of course, that was in a small town, and maybe they do/did things differently in a smaller scale parade than in a big city parade. In any case, it makes for an interesting notion to consider the possiblity of El Rey Feo being led away in handcuffs by the police.


Dave said...

Honestly, it would be more entertaining if it were more like the mardi gras events, if ya know what I mean.

Albatross said...

Yeah. Too bad Boobie Rock never got a chance to enter a float in the parade. Any parade.

esbboston said...

They think there might be a terrorist throwing poison, that would be my guess.

new brunswick said...

You can't really tell nowadays.