Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gettin' medieval on Talisman Street

Here in Texas, home invaders better think twice. Most of us will shoot back.

But a select few will take you back to the Middle Ages.
 Three men who broke into a home Thursday morning on the city's East side were confronted by a homeowner with a sword, San Antonio police said.

The homeowner, Robert Suniga, told police the men said they were looking for his son.

"They were saying that they were SAPD. They were saying they had a search warrant. They were saying that he raped their little sister," Suniga said.

Suniga didn't buy the mens' story. Instead of handing over his son, Suniga armed himself for a fight. He went to his bedroom to get a sword that a friend gave him as a gift, telling him to use it to protect his family.
(from KSAT-12)


Dave said...

So many questions. Did anyone think to stop the bleeding before conducting the reenactment for news cameras? Apparently not.

Should news crews come equipped with jackets to provide people they interview? You know, if you go into certain high-end restaurants, they will lend you a jacket so you won't offend other guests with your exposed arms and lack of class.

And of course, why are wife-beater shirts so popular on TV shows like COPS?

Finally, did the police bother to look into allegations that the man's son may have actually committed a rape, and the fake police officers were just trying to speed up the justice system?

All very strange.

Albatross said...

Yes, Dave, I also find it very, very strange that this guy looks like he just escaped from the hospital. Not "checked out". Escaped.

I mean, he's still wearing his hospital gown and wristband when the news crew shows up to get his side of the story. And you know what? He didn't have to be wearing that for the interview. It takes a while to set up the cameras, the angles, the wireless microphones, etc. before the reporter can start interviewing the subject, so there should have been plenty of time to change. Not a very long time, but long enough for the guy to pick out a regular shirt and clean up a bit.

In other words, I think this guy chose to look that way for the news, and probably after the cameraman asked him something like, Don't you want to put on another shirt, or something? Whether or not it was because he wanted to look sympathetic to deflect suspicion from his son we will likely never know.

But it certainly looks odd.