Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Slippery thieves stealing used grease from S.A. restaurants"

At first glance, I wonder why restaurant owners would be upset about this situation.
Big’z burgers and fries aren’t the only things popular at this award-winning restaurant — so is the used cooking oil.

“The more people you serve, the more grease you go through (and) the more full that grease trap is out there,” manager Matthew Coker said.

But lately, the grease trap has appeared empty. The fry cooks noticed it first. Then, the restaurant turned to its surveillance cameras.

“There’s been what looks like a company truck backing up and stealing it. It has happened to us several times already.”
(from KENS-5)

I'm clueless about this. Do restaurants sell their used grease? I was always under the impression they had to pay someone to haul it away, like trash, in which case the theft wouldn't really be that big of a deal. Of course, if the restaurants do make money selling the old oil I can see why they'd be irked if someone stole it.

Does anyone know more about this? Is it standard practice for eateries to sell cooking grease? I am genuinely curious.


AlanDP said...

Yeah, I heard something on the radio about this some time back. If they aren't selling it, they should be. Here's a link.

Anonymous said...

There was a Simpsons episode years ago where Homer and Bart went into the cutthroat yet lucrative used grease business.

Albatross said...

"The Simpsons" always predicts the future.


Jason Brown @ San Antonio Wedding Photographer said...

Now I have heard it all, that's just too funny.