Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shooting the hand that helps you

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be the good guy.
San Antonio police Sgt. Daniel Gonzales said the suspect, 19, apparently had an accident along southbound Interstate 37 near the Commerce exit. His vehicle landed upside down in a grassy area past a guardrail just off the highway's main lanes.

The driver of an armored truck pulled over to help the man, who pulled out a handgun and shot at the good Samaritan but did not hurt him.

The suspect then reportedly ran away from the scene of the crash, leaving behind a passenger in his vehicle who received non life-threatening injuries in the rollover.
(from the Express-News)

Surprisingly, the suspect may have been under the influence at the time. Even so, his actions in response to receiving a little assistance seem a bit extreme.

Of course, the Express-News was concerned that this happened downtown, and that San Antonio's vital tourism trade might have been affected by the weird shooting. The newspaper was so worried their reporter went to the trouble to seek out -- and then actually publish -- this anecdote:
Tourists Nancy and Leonard Marak, 61 and 66, respectively, were at the Days Inn hotel when the suspect's vehicle landed in the grassy area just next to the building. They said they heard sirens but did not know what the commotion was about.

“It didn't affect us one bit,” Nancy Marak said.
Stay frosty and alert.

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