Friday, January 27, 2012

Ponying up phony bills

Attention, all workers of fast food shops, gas stations, retail stores, and like establishments: Always -- always -- be suspicious of people who use very large bills to pay for small items.

Like drinks. (Emphases below are added, of course.)
According to a police report, the robber ordered a root beer float about 10:30 p.m. at the [Sonic] restaurant in the 1600 block of General McMullen Drive, paid with a $100 bill and told the victim to keep $3 as tip.

When the car hop went through his money to make change for a $20 bill at the customer's request, he noticed the $100 bill felt fake and confronted the customer, the report states.

They argued, with the customer pocketing the possibly phony $100, pulling out another $100 bill but refusing to hand it over, and finally threatening the car hop with a knife.
(from the Express-News)

You shouldn't wait until the money feels fake to get suspicious. Anytime anyone orders one drink and tries to pay with a Benjamin, you might want to start considering him with a wary eye. Right away.

You just might.

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