Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A coach who should have planned a little better

There's a bit of a scandal brewing here in the realm of Catholic high school football, and not everyone seems to be thinking their deeds completely through.
Two Central Catholic High School Football coaches have been disciplined in connection with a complaint filed by Antonian High School.


Central Catholic High School received notice of the decision from the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) District 2 Executive Committee Tuesday. Assistant Coach John Jennings was asked to leave an Antonian football game after Antonian coaches caught him standing on their sidelines, taking notes.

The decision comes after a complaint was filed by Antonian College Preparatory High School.

“Ethically, you do scout kids. You get videos from each school, so you get to watch the whole game anyway,” explained [Antonian coach Van] Fuschak. “I don’t know the purpose of it. It would be only to be sure you hear what somebody else does, getting a bird’s eye view. When you’re on the other team’s sideline right with them, it’s probably a little advantage for you.” [emphases added]
(from WOAI-TV)

First, how does a coach from another team manage to sneak onto a rival's sidelines? Was he wearing a disguise? Is Antonian big enough that random people are just expected to be wandering around the football field? Who recognized him, and why didn't they peg him before he had a chance to begin taking notes?

Second, what the heck was that coach thinking? Who at Central had the bright idea to send one of their own right to their rival's sidelines to take notes? And who would actually have the stones to try to pull off a stunt like that? And why isn't he doing real spy work for the CIA?

I am genuinely curious.

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