Monday, August 29, 2011

Bee crashes truck

The vehicles run rampant in this town, and often they inflict tremendous damage on unsuspecting houses and fences. What can take them down? What can halt their marauding progress?

The lowly bee.
SAN ANTONIO - A busy bee is being blamed for causing a big accident on the East Side. The driver of an 18-wheeler told police he was swatting at a bee in his cab at around noon Monday when he lost control. The truck rolled over into the median between the frontage road and the main lanes of Loop 410 near W.W. White.
(from WOAI-TV)

Witness apian carnage.

The driver is expected to be OK, but that truck has seen much, much better days.

Bonus strangeness: Holy cow! Look at that temperature in the lower right-hand corner of that image. 106! Fahrenheit! Even for South Texas that's damn hot!


AlanDP said...

I have seen far too many people go into full-out mindless panic at the sight of a mere bee. Never understood it.

That is a freaky banner at the top of your blog.

Albatross said...

Thanks. I found that guy in my backyard.

Bob S. said...

I'm ready for summer to be over.

Way too many days over 100 here in Fort Worth. Didn't make the record number of days straight (missed it by 3) but we are at 62 or 63 days over 100 so far