Monday, April 25, 2011

Not quite getting the concept

It would be too bad if you were to have a disagreement with your adult son, and it would be even worse if that bad blood degraded into criminal acts.

But it would be somewhat good if your offspring were too dense to know how to do any real damage.
SAN ANTONIO -- An east side man and his roommate face criminal charges stemming from an incident outside the man's mother's home involving a Molotov cocktail.

Albert Rivas, 26, and his roommate, Todd Smith, 33, each face one count of possession of an incendiary device in connection with the April 21 incident.

San Antonio arson investigators described the device in an arrest affidavit as a beer can filled with flammable liquid with a burning cloth sticking out of the top. [emphasis gleefully added]
(from KSAT-12)

The son and his friend also threw rocks at his mother's house. Nice people.

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