Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rootin' for the Spurs

Want to show the city your Spurs spirit, but you just can't lay your hands on one of those fancy window decals? No problem.

Just get peel-and-stick letters and numbers.


Dave said...

Do you suppose the owner has to go and rearrange the numbers on the side window every time the Spurs trade a player?

Who knows? Maybe those are his Lotto picks.

Albatross said...

At least he just used numbers. You gotta figure that the Spurs organization recycles numbers of lesser known players when they get traded for a new guy, so probably some of those numbers could stay. It would be much more difficult to account for trades with full names on your window.

The decals that I like are those fancy ones that depict the whole face of one (or several) players. Of course, you can't go wrong with putting the stars on your windshield, but I swear I saw a truck once with Steve Kerr's face on it. That might have been a bit embarrassing to have for the 01-02 season.