Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Car crashes into movie theater

On purpose!
SAN ANTONIO -- Thieves crashed through a movie theater early Tuesday morning in an attempt to take off with an ATM.

The would-be theft happened at the Rialto Theater off of Loop 410 and IH-35 on the Northeast Side.

The driver of the Suburban crashed the SUV through the door and then through the lobby area, leaving tire tracks on the floor.


A member of the cleaning crew told News 4 WOAI he saw everything. He after [sic] the SUV crashed into the theater, he asked the driver of the SUV what happened. He didn't get a response from the driver, who then sped off and crashed through another part of the building to get out. The driver then hit another ATM that was in the parking lot of the theater, but was unable to get any cash out of it, either.
(from WOAI-TV)


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Kels said...

Wow... I mean... WOW! I guess if people need money they go to whatever lengths to get it! Scary thing is I've gone here on a few "girl's night" excursions to see chick flicks with the girl friends. I'm glad we transitioned over to Live Oak about a year ago. lol