Wednesday, December 10, 2008

City politics

Here is a strange bit skewering the San Antonio City Council's recent impending decision to extend the contract of City Manager Sheryl Sculley for more money. Sculley is the doll, Mayor Phil Hardberger is the stuffed dog, and the rest of the menagerie is City Council.

The maker of this video is RG Griffing at the San Antonio Lightning. He previously ran for mayor himself.

UPDATE: I made a small mistake. When I originally posted this, the decision to extend Sculley's contract hadn't been made yet. At the Thursday, December 11 meeting of the City Council, her contract was approved.


Dave said...

RG is simply losing his mind. I think he has done a good job with the SA Lightning (I check it several times daily), but seriously, his constant teases for breaking news at noon only to be something goofy like this video or to be pulled altogether with no explaination just comes across as goofy. But of course, I continue to go to his web page, so he must be doing something right.

I think Ms. Sculley is worth every penny. And aside from the ridiculous Hardberger Plaza, I think Phil has done a fine job as mayor. And how can you not get a giggle out of his voice?

Albatross said...

Actually, I think RG did a pretty good impression of Hardberger's voice in that video, as oddball as it is.