Monday, August 13, 2007

Advocating a revolution

He may not have won the mayor's race, but R.G. Griffing apparently plans to take power the old-fashioned way -- revolution.

From his Web site:

SAL Calls For Gentle Overthrow Of Government

NonViolent, Of Course?

RG Griffing, Editor/Publisher San Antonio Lightning Newspaper

Are you suckers, rubes and hicks fed up yet?

I am.

* * *

I love the Constitution and I adore America.

But I abhor what is happening to our governance, our ways of life, and I blame YOU for allowing this to happen.

Well, I may have some culpability as well. I admit it.

But no more.

Revolution is healthy, in some instances.

Remember, this is the guy who "sold 'ZonaPair Invisible Underwear' and parcels of land on Mars." So, should we take seriously his call for "NonViolent" revolution? Of Course?


Dave said...

You know, RG also shot himself in the chest once to do a story on bullet proof vests... yea, he was wearing one and apparently, it worked.

At least if he starts his own little revolution, we know he'll be willing to take one for the team.

Albatross said...

Wow. I'll hand it to R.G. for that one. Crazy, brave, or both, it's gotta take a lot of guts to shoot yourself in the chest just for a story on body armor.