Friday, May 26, 2006

"Music Man’s Killer Reopens Victim’s Store"

This takes stones:

The family of a murder victim is outraged after finding out the killer reopened the same music store run by the victim before he was murdered.

Smith Music Store was founded in 1968 by a man named Heron Smith. Smith was murdered in 1981. Smith’s own stepson, Ned Sweat, was convicted for the crime.

When asked why he reopened a store originally owed [sic] by the man he murdered, Sweat told News 4 WOAI music is a big part of his life and his stepfather had intended for him to run the store. [emphasis added]

Perhaps they were his last words.

The victim's real son -- also named Heron Smith -- is understandably upset. His father's store is being run by the man who brutally murdered him, and, even though Sweat has paid his debt to society (10 years [!] in prison), it takes gumption for him to to go on record as saying this:
“I feel very proud. I think my father, my stepfather, the man that I killed, would be very proud of this. I really do.”

As I said, that takes some stones.

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