Monday, June 04, 2012

Car crashes into house

Though I have been busy lately, it seems that the vehicles have not relented on their pugnacious attacks upon our very homes. And fences. So I must report on them.
A homeowner on the city's northwest side has some cleaning up to do after a vehicle plowed into her house on Sunday.

Police said the woman driving the car lost control while making a turn and ended up over correcting, sending her car through a gate and into a home in the 9500 block of Gladeview.
(from KENS-5)


Tracy Pierre said...

It seems like this incident happened during daytime and the weather was clear. Handling and driving cars should always come with caution. And this should remind everyone not to take driving so easy. Well, I just hope that everyone involved in this incident is safe, and the damage will be settled in a smooth way.

Raleigh Crowl said...

Geez, that is some accident. Even our own homes are not safe from vehicular accidents. I wonder if the lady has a driver’s license. I just find it a bit odd that she lost control while making a turn in a small neighborhood driveway. She even went past the gate straight to the house! I hope this matter is investigated thoroughly to stop it from happening again.

Cristy Witherspoon said...

People won’t really expect something like this. Who would have thought that as you sit comfortably in your living room, a car will suddenly crash into your house? The homeowner must’ve been shocked that time. It was certainly the woman’s fault, so she doesn’t have any choice but to take responsibility.