Thursday, February 17, 2011

Someone who should have thought a lot more

This story sounds a little fishy to me.
According to an arrest warrant, 36-year-old Alfredo Ibarra went to his uncle's home on Sunday to make a deal. Police said he claimed he was sent to murder the 52-year-old victim. However, if his uncle could come up with $2,000 they could bury the plot to kill him.

The warrant indicates the uncle could only give his nephew $80. Ibarra allegedly agreed to this plan. Police said the suspect intended to come back for the rest of the money.

Investigators said the victim was so frightened he hid for two days. The authorities were called.
(from KENS-5)

Did this guy think his plan would work?

I mean, if you really have been hired to kill your own uncle, and you think you can get more money out of him if you simply tell him about the plot and promise not to follow through on it, then what do you think the thugs that hired you are going to do after that? Shrug and say, "Better luck next time"?

Or, if you are just making the whole thing up to get some extra bucks, do you really think this is a better idea than just asking your uncle nicely for a little loan?

But, do you know what the truly sad thing about this story is? Ibarra actually made bail on a $10,000 bond. Where'd he get the money for that? A promise not to kill another family member?

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