Monday, February 14, 2011

Garage crashes into ground

Today a parking garage under construction decided to deconstruct very rapidly.
SAN ANTONIO -- Two construction workers suffered injuries -- one critically -- when a parking structure they were working on in the Medical Center area collapsed Monday.

The collapse occurred just before noon on Monday at University Hospital near the intersection of Wurzbach and Medical drives, hospital spokeswoman Leni Kirkman said.


San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said the crew was working on the seven-story structure when they heard a rumbling noise shortly before noon.

Hood said the workers activated an emergency tone, causing the crew to evacuate the structure.

More than 100 workers were on the site at the time and all were accounted for, Hood said.

One person suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Kirkman said, but another was admitted in critical condition and was being treating [sic] at University Hospital's trauma center.
(from KSAT-12)

Wow. One hundred workers, and only two were injured in a freakin' building collapse! Don't you know a lot of guts dropped when that emergency tone sounded, followed closely by mass and speedy evacuations.

And they got out pretty quick, too.


Keith Alan K said...

I'm heading over there to check it out.

Dave said...

My wife and mother-in-law parked in the garage that the structure was being added to the day before. Apparently, the M-I-L said, "Wow, that doesn't look safe at all."

It is quite possible she jinxed it.