Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Becoming royalty, the judicial way

The new Miss San Antonio got crowned in a courtroom.
There has been a new development in the fight for the Miss San Antonio crown.

District Judge Cathleen Stryker has declined the temporary injunction sought by 17-year-old Domonique Ramirez.

Pageant officials had a little make-do crowning event immediately after the judge's ruling, placing the crown on Ashley Dixon's head for the first time.

Ramirez had been fighting to retain her title, after pageant officials tried to take it away.

Ramirez wasn't at court for the grand finale Wednesday. She was out sick with pneumonia, her attorneys say.
(from KENS-TV)

Well, I bet her little sick-out didn't help her case any.

This story has been all over the news lately, and I won't rehash the details (though you can read more about it here). Suffice it to say that the 17-year-old Ramirez apparently won the title of Miss San Antonio, was lax in fulfilling her obligations to her position, and got canned by the organization that owns the crown and runs the program. They preferred the first runner-up instead, thinking she will be more reliable than Ramirez.

But, this being Strange in San Antonio, you know the whole flap did not start well. In fact, it started out with a great big, misguided hatefest, adequately skewered by Sabra. Read it and experience the fun that goes along with the Miss San Antonio title.

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