Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Castro on Colbert!

At last! State representative Joaquin Castro finally gets the national media exposure he deserves!
SAN ANTONIO -- It was a battle of wit and wisdom.

The wisdom of Mayor Julian Castro was tested by the wit of Stephen Colbert. The mayor took the stage as a guest on the Colbert Report. The show aired Tuesday night on the Comedy Network.
(from WOAI-TV)

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Anonymous said...

julian castro reminds me of the newer version of whats his name who used to be mayor that we all thought would be president by now today!
He is the new puppet for the latino community the same way they used that know black man who runs around the united states everytime someone uses the race card in the media
now that he is trying to have his hand in arizonas business when he needs to just address texas business a.k.a ( san antonio texas ) someone needs to ask him to ask mexico why they can not clean up their own corrupt country so people will quit coming over here illegally > why are people getting so upset when you say you want them to come over through the the proper gates > my fathers family did ? no one is asking the real questions of what are you winning by trying to block a law that has been there already ? nobody won because illegals are dying everyday out in the dessert and in truck trailers because nobody has the guts to tell Mexico to clean up their own corrupt country !! so simple but yet no real politician has the mouth to say it outloud! i already hear the mad typing now because most educated Latinos feel this way !