Friday, April 30, 2010

Protesting another state's law

So, you're mad about what Arizona is doing with their new law. So, you want to protest that law. So, what do you do about it?

How about -- oh, say -- not selling tacos to people in San Antonio?


The uproar surrounding Arizona’s new immigration law is echoing across the country and now, right here in San Antonio. Tomorrow, hundreds will hit the streets in protest and some are taking it even further.

Ana Palacios owner of La Playa Seafood Restaurant on Poplar and 24th says she is going to close her business down during the march.


Several other Mexican restaurants told KENS 5 they will also be shutting down for a few hours during the protest.

(from KENS-5)

Oh well, I guess there's always Chinese. Or barbeque. Or hamburgers. Or pizza. Or Indian. Or IHOP.

Seriously, why punish folks in San Antonio for something Arizona's doing? Why withhold food from your neighbors when you're mad at a state that doesn't even touch Texas? It's not like we can change their laws, even if we wanted to. So why be jerks about it?

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Dave said...

Yea. We saw this on the news the other night and simultaneously, my wife and I agreed we would never eat at La Playa again, even though we really like the place.

I don't argue with their right to protest whatever they like, but if they can afford to close down for something so ridiculous, they sure don't need my money.