Thursday, April 22, 2010


Or overcooked turkey?

You decide.
Hours after a purported mummified chupacabra was stolen Wednesday from a booth at Market Square — whose entrepreneur owners were charging money for a peek at it — the thing mysteriously appeared outside a local rock radio station early next morning.

But by the time the mythical beast was repatriated, booth owners David Walker and Brian Stevens had already shelled out around $100 to borrow a replacement mummified chupacabra from California. So for only $1, Fiesta-goers now have the rare opportunity to see two chupacabra corpses for the price of one.

“We're pretty happy,” Stevens said. “This is the only time that we've ever had two.”

Steve Hahn, of KISS-FM's “Lisle & Hahn” morning show, said he nearly tripped over a Target bag containing the stolen creature around 8 a.m. A note inside the bag said, “To Lisle and Hahn, from Market Square,” he said.

“It looked like an overcooked wrinkled turkey with fur and big teeth,” Hahn said.

[emphases added]
(from the Express-News)

You know, it's amazing how readily available chupacabra corpses are. Apparently you can order one from California and have it delivered overnight.

Thank the Fiesta gods for FedEx.

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Dave said...

$1.00 to see two chupacabras? In this economy?