Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Slamming San Antonio, getting slammed back

I don't want to get into an Austin/San Antonio flame war. I just want to point out the reactions to a newbie Austinite who decided to insult San Antonio ("This guy is an idiot", from Roy Bragg's blog at mysa.com).

A sampling:
Discounting the headline that's a cliché and an arrogance that comes from being young and uninformed, he's just not a very good writer. I wish him well in his career selling jeans at the mall.

There's much more in the comments. Watch out when you slam the Alamo City. A lot of people like this place.

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See Me Repeat Me said...

A lot of morons, more like it. I remember this "controversy" (in quotation marks as I've seen a lot more controversial things in my time on Earth), rushing over to this guy's blog entry to play the "Proud Local" card, reading the comments made before mine, and immediately being embarrassed to be from here. The idiocy and unbridled animalism from the majority of the commenters? Sheesh, no wonder one might find this city unlikeable! I would be scared away from visiting here if I weren't a local and were reading the comments on that blog page. I wouldn't even want to pass through here. I mean, yeah, the guy needed to get out of tourist hell (as I advised on my attempt to bring a little bit of rational thought to the discussion), but damn, he shouldn't feel like he'd need a friggin' bodyguard to escort him through town! And why am I not surprised that the idiots on parade at WOAI were the ones who dredged up this little kerfluffle?