Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Man Arrested for Urinating on Major Road"

I guess, for some people, if you've got to go then police be damned!


[Police] had to use pepper spray to arrest a man who was urinating along Military Drive. The unidentified man was on the median of Southeast Military when they tried to get him to stop.

But police say he pulled a knife out and started swinging it at the officers.

On the median. Not on the side or in the ditch. And that's a very busy road, too.

I wonder if he had been drinking.


AlanDP said...

I once had to leave a final notice at a little restaurant on E. Commerce. I got there about 8:00 AM, before they had opened. Some guy was taking a whiz right on their front steps.

Albatross said...

A person's gotta be pretty drunk to not even make the effort to go around the corner. And, at 8:00 a.m., I imagine he had a night's worth of a head start.