Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Windcrest Police Want To Talk With UTSA Student"

The case of Naomi Fuentes has been going on for some time now. Fuentes, a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, disappeared February 19, 2006 after she parked her car at the downtown UTSA campus. After some time of searching for her by family, friends, law enforcement, and even a psychic, she eventually turned up in New Jersey, alive and well.

She, a married mother of two, apparently left on her own. A bit strange, but the motive seems to be clear:

Detective Ram Hernandez of the Windcrest Police Department said that Naomi Fuentes may know something about some fraudulent transactions involving a credit card.

Sources close to the case told KSAT 12 News that the investigation is also tied to Cox Communications, where Fuentes used to be employed. ...

"Incredibly bizarre," Hernandez said. "Who in their right mind would go to this extreme? It boggles the imagination."

Fuentes has said she "left for personal reasons, didn't want anyone to know where she is and has no plans to return to San Antonio." Of course not. Especially since the Windcrest police are waiting for her.

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