Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A "crack rental" gone bad

If you loan your car out for drugs and you don't get it back soon enough, what should you do? You could lie to police and tell them you'd been abducted, beaten, and raped, but that you had fortunately escaped. Just make sure your story is slightly plausible.

At about 7:30 a.m. police were called to an outhouse [!] on Gevers and West Commerce roads.

When they arrived Dorn told officers that she was tied up and locked in a closet for two days.

She apparently told officers that she escaped through a window. However, police determined that all the windows were nailed shut at the house.

"She finally confessed that she made up the story so that she could get her vehicle back that she loaned out for narcotics," [San Antonio Police Officer Richard] Hodge said. [emphases added]

The woman could get six months in jail and a fine.

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