Monday, March 27, 2006

"Students Attacked With Needles"

At Jackson Middle School, several students were apparently attacked with sewing needles.

North East Independent School District says the sewing needles were for a home economics class at Jackson Middle School, but that they made it around to several classes at the school.

Ariel Hernandez is just one of the students, stuck in the backside, with a needle.

“I was just walking inside to go to class,” she tells News 4 WOAI. “It felt like a pinch.”

And, when the cameras and reporters start going around, they start getting reports. And, of course, they usually find eager witnesses.

On Monday, the district sent a letter to parents claming the attacks were limited only the one gym class. News 4 WOAI spoke to students, like Luis Lopez, who weren’t in the class, and were attacked. [emphasis added]

“Some guy come up behind me [in the lunch line] and poked me with a needle,” says Lopez. “I just turned around and he looked all innocent like he didn't poke me.”

Maybe he didn't.

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