Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Someone who should check a little closer

On the paperwork, that is.
San Antonio-based restaurant chain Sushi Zushi will reopen some locations as early as next week, CEO Alfonso Tomita said this morning.

All eight of Sushi Zushi's locations, which include four in the Alamo City, closed their doors on Friday after about 100 employees didn't show up to work because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was conducting an audit of the company, Tomita said. The chain employees about 500 people, he said, speaking to reporters at the location on Basse Road.

A sign hanging on the restaurant's door said Sushi Zushi is hiring for all positions. Tomita said it's particularly difficult to find sushi chefs. Executive chef Luis Ramirez is among those who didn't show up to work last week, Tomita said.
(from the Express-News)

One-fifth of your entire workforce fails to show up for work. Twenty percent. Because of a rumor. Because they are afraid of being deported.

Perhaps it's time to review your hiring practices, Mr. Tomita. You know, to make sure your employees don't all have the same SSN.

Bonus strangeness: Apparently it's "particularly difficult" to find Americans willing to be sushi chefs, so difficult you have to hire illegal immigrants instead.

Remember that next time you fork over $15 for a Yummy Yummy Roll.

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