Thursday, January 18, 2007

A burning pile of mulch III

That mulch fire that has been burning in Helotes since Christmas is getting popular. Even more popular now that it's on (

The Express-News has the story here.

"The mulch fire has made enough enemies, maybe it is time to start making some friends," said Vanessa Macias, a local TV personality listed on MySpace as a friend of the mulch fire. ...

Macias, who lives downwind from the burning pile, said she's not one to belittle mulch madness. Her dogs are wheezing and she's emptied bottles of fabric freshener trying to kill the smoky stench settling into her curtains and couch. But that doesn't stop her from having a chuckle at the fire's expense.

"The situation is here, you might as well make fun of it," Macias said. "You can't stay mad at (the mulch) forever."

Mighty strange.

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