Monday, February 13, 2012

Making it easy for the police

Sometimes I just wonder how they decided that a life of crime was good for them.
Officers are searching Monday morning for an armed robbery suspect who they say left behind a big piece of evidence: his wallet.

Investigators said the man walked into the Planet K Texas in the 5600 block of Evers Street just before midnight on Sunday and threatened the clerk with a gun. The clerk handed over some cash, although the suspect didn't stuff it in his wallet.

Instead, police said the suspect hastily took off on foot, accidentally dropped his wallet in the adult novelty store.
(from KENS-5)

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for criminals making it easier for the authorities to apprehend them. But I wonder if guys like this get any pointers at all before going down this life path.

P.S.: "Adult novelty store"? Is a news story above calling a head shop a "head shop"?


AlanDP said...

I'm pretty sure that Planet K's official description of itself is "adult novelty store" for legal reasons.

Dave said...

Well, we know this brain surgeon was not a military guy. Planet K is on the off limits list.

Albatross said...

I have an entirely different conception of what an "adult novelty" is, which probably colors my perception of this news story. And that, of course, is another legalistic term to avoid running afoul of certain off-beat Texas laws.

Dave, are the other kinds of "novelty" stores off limits, too? You know, the ones you might find just off IH-35 somewhere in the vicinity of Windcrest? I wouldn't be surprised if they are.

Dave said...

No, actually, they aren't. In fact, you get a 10% military discount on certain days of the week - so I've heard.

I think the reason Planet K is off limits has to do with the rolling papers, bongs, and novelty smoking pipes.

Albatross said...

In fact, you get a 10% military discount on certain days of the week - so I've heard.

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