Monday, December 12, 2011

Not paying very much attention

Didn't something like this happen not too long ago?
Traffic in the downtown area came to a halt Monday morning after an 18-wheeler got stuck under a bridge at Roosevelt and South St. Mary's Street.

The rig's driver told police she was looking for her CPS unit [sic] and failed to see the warning signs, causing her to crash the top of the truck aginst [sic] the railway bridge around 4:30 a.m.

(from KSAT-12)

Why, yes. Something like this did happen not too long ago.

Lesson #1 for driving a truck on the South Side: Be careful on Roosevelt Street, and pay attention to the signs.

And trade in your CPS unit for a much more functional GPS unit.


AlanDP said...

Moron. Anytime this happens, it's because the driver was not where he/she was supposed to be.

Sabra said...

This does seem to happen on a regular basis. In Columbus, some distance from a low bridge, they have what looks for all the world like tin cans hung from a line across the road (pretty sure it makes a heck of a racket) with a sign that says "If you hit this, you WILL hit the bridge". Maybe something of the sort would be a good idea here, if only to forestall the inevitable traffic jam.

Albatross said...

Sabra, I know that place you're talking about in Columbus. We usually make a pit stop there on the way to Houston.

Keith Alan K said...

I used to see all sorts of creative early-warning strategies in different states some 20-30 years ago. Some were very creative. This post makes me wonder where they all went. I guess we're all trusting the guvmint to raise them bridges up for us so we don't spill our tea or skip our DVDs?