Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"Vets Fix Tiny Tooth During Monkey Root Canal"

Monkey, mango, coke, and a broken tooth. Not so much a human interest story as a primate interest story.
SAN ANTONIO -- Mango the monkey has been suffering from a broken, infected tooth, just like humans sometimes get.

"People do it all the time (by) biting down on hard candy (such as) jaw breakers," Dr. Rob Coke, staff vet at the San Antonio Zoo, said.

But fixing Mango's mouth isn't as simple as fixing a human's, due to his tiny stature.

"It's a 2-pound monkey, so we obviously had magnification loops [sic] as well as ... tiny instruments to go in there to try to repair that," Coke said.
(from KSAT-12)

I'm picturing that ellipsis in Coke's second quote as hiding a well-placed curse word. It is monkey dentistry, after all.


AlanDP said...

Layers and layers of editorial oversight and they still can't spell loupe.


Albatross said...