Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gettin' western right at home

If you can't party with your own family, who can you party with?
Police said several people were at a party at this home in the 300 block of Mount Vernon Court. The party began Saturday night and lasted throughout the night into the morning, but shortly after noon on Sunday, two brothers, 26 and 25, at the party, began arguing.

According to police, the argument spilled into the street and that's when the older man shot his younger brother several times in the stomach[.]

"Some of the witnesses decided, you know what, enough is enough, we're leaving, we're getting out of here. Next thing you know, they turn their head because they hear shots being fired," said Sgt. Steven Trujillo with the San Antonio Police Dept.
(from KSAT-12)

As of this writing, the shooter is on the loose, and the shootee is recovering from surgery.

And, by the way, what a party! They were still going strong after noon the next day!

UPDATE: Oh damn, what the hell is up with this brother thing?
SAN ANTONIO - Around 3 am Sunday morning a pair of brothers got into fight, sending the oldest to the hospital. According to police, a family argument got out of hand on the Southeast Side. That's when one of the men allegedly pulled a knife on his older brother and stabbed him several times in the stomach. After that he took off. The brother that was stabbed was taken to the hospital for his injuries.
(from WOAI-TV)

That's one shooting and one stabbing carried out by siblings against each other in the same time period. Hey people, here's a thought -- Let's stop partying with family! At least for a little while. M'kay?

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