Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Police: Mother Suffocates Infant Daughter"

Remember Silver Starr Hernandez, the woman who was part of a mob that killed a Kerr County man for his home and property a couple of years ago? It turns out she's got more problems than we thought.
Police and paramedics responded to a home in the 6000 block of Blanco Road on June 14 and found 11-month-old Faith Escamilla unresponsive, an arrest warrant affidavit stated.

Police said the child's mother, Silver Starr Hernandez, 25, told officers she had put the baby down for a nap on the floor of her bedroom and later returned and found the baby had stopped breathing.

The affidavit stated an autopsy performed on the child at the Bexar County Medical Examiner's office revealed signs of trauma on the baby's nose and mouth.

Police said during questioning, Hernandez admitted she had suffocated the child by holding her nose and mouth closed for an extended period of time, the affidavit stated.

Hernandez was one of 16 people indicted in 2008 in the death of Allan Kowalski, 52. Kerr County sheriff's investigators found Kowalski buried in the back yard of his home with a gunshot wound to the head.
(from KSAT-12)

Silver Starr Hernandez pled guilty to a lesser crime as part of the Kowalski case and got probation. With this charge, she could get the needle, if convicted.


Sabra said...

And her mother's in the paper today saying she would never be violent with her daughter...Even though she was violent with her mother. It's worth noting that she was never accused of physical abuse--she just doesn't seem to much give a damn about her kids (given that parental rights were only terminated once she stopped visiting her sons). The difference seems to be the new boyfriend. Wouldn't surprise me at all if she is covering for him.

Albatross said...

That Express-News article was hard to read. The mother of Silver Starr is just making excuses for her, and it's obvious that Silver doesn't care to be a parent herself, given that her sons were taken away by CPS because of "medical neglect and failure to thrive".

And now her daughter's dead.

It's sad that her mother is still covering for her.

Anonymous said...

just another sad story of cps not doing their job of taking the children away and not giving them back ever !! why do they keep telling these men and women and girls and boys to take those parenting classes and then you get your children back that easy ?
what happen to using good common sense and not ever giving them back to a parent or parents who obviously do not and did not want that child or children in the first place but hold on to that baby or children because you have section 8 and food stamps to keep a roof over you and the children or babies >
what happened to finding good foster parents or a good person who wants to help these children grow up to be exceptional adults one day instead of just another stastic in the jail or prison system saying it was my upbringing that made me do it and having to see another family member on tv lying and telling us its not their fault that they did those horrible acts on a innocent person?
fix the medicade and medicare system first and you will weed out the bad qwickly > that is what should of been slowly fixed starting 30 years ago and it would not be this horrible today and we wonder why san antonio texas is number 1 in the united states of child abuse??